19% Contingency Fee

“Demand More Bucks for Your Bang”

The Greenberg Law Firm Offers 19% Contingency Fee
in Automobile Accident Cases

Attorney Jeff Greenberg is a talented and experienced personal injury lawyer with a long track record of helping clients getting appropriate compensation for their injuries and damages. At The Greenberg Law Firm, we demand that insurance companies uphold their obligation to fairly compensate our clients who have been injured in accidents with drivers they insure.

Most personal injury lawyers handle accident cases on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that the lawyer is paid from the amounts recovered by way of settlement or trial judgment. The lawyer is paid only if the client is paid. If there is no recovery for the client, no attorney’s fees are owed to the lawyer. If you are injured in an automobile accident that is not your fault, most personal injury lawyers will charge contingency fees of between 33% and 45% to handle your case.

Attorney Jeffrey T. Greenberg believes that competent legal representation for people injured in automobile accidents should be more affordable. Right now, instead of the 33-45% percent contingency fee that many personal injury lawyers charge, The Greenberg Law Firm is offering a 19% contingency fee on automobile accidents we settle before appearing in court.

Research indicates that this is the lowest advertised rate in the country for automobile accident cases. Mr. Greenberg has made it clear, “We believe that injured people should get more bucks for their bang.” “They should keep more of what they deserve.”

The Greenberg Law Firm has offices in New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to automobile accidents, Jeff Greenberg handles many types of personal injury matters including slip and fall accidents, hospital falls and workplace injuries.

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